Skater Boys and Girls in Salt Lake

Our arrival in Salt Lake City took Hansa's and Zandy's breath away: When a bunch of topless skater boys opened the door to our host's home, they couldn't stop giggling. It took the stench of the Great Salt Lake to bring them down to Earth again: The lake turned out not to be a float-in-the-water paradise but a beautiful yet foul-smelling place where birds go to die. One of the main sources of the salt compounds so highly concentrated here seems to be agricultural run-off. We fled back to the city and were sitting on Colonel's porch watching the sunset when our lovely host came home. By the time Bruiser came over with an air mattress for us and whisked us away to a barbecue (yummy vegan stuff was served by two very cool refs with two very cute dogs), we started to figure out what a nice team Wasatch Roller Derby must be. The next morning (=9 a.m.!) at practice, we were thoroughly impressed by the sheer number of skaters present. Colonel taught an advanced blocking class that was fun and challenging and accessible for all the different skill-levels amongst the 40 skaters present. The practice was co-ed and the dudes were both talented and nice, so we enjoyed that change of routine. We were also really excited to notice that all our skating with different teams is starting to pay off and it's getting easier for us to adapt to skating with new people. After practice, we refueled our batteries at Frisch, a vegan restaurant with a German name (the family's Oma is German) and luckily only had to say goodbye for a little while since we'll be seeing many of the Wasatchs again at RollerCon.

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