Moving UP a Mile

After miles and miles of impressive but uneventful driving through prairie landscapes, arriving in Denver was a breath of fresh air. Literally so, because the air is definitely less muggy a mile up and figuratively because by entering this lovely city we had exited the country-and-bible-talk-only radio zone. We headed straight for the Denver Roller Dolls' Glitter Dome for, you guessed it, roller derby practice. We quickly found out that DRD practice has a way of going where it hurts (or of repeating something until it hurts): All the stops, all the directions, and sprints in between. All three of us usually try to avoid that nasty hockey stop to the right, this time, there was no getting around it. Joint suffering was a good basis for team work and we had a lot of fun scrimmaging during the last half hour of practice. Although compared to the fast-skating, hard-hitting silver heads that took to the track afterwards, we did feel a little like we were skating with a learner's permit. And they don't care which direction they have to turn...

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