We Love Pyromaniacs

Gloria Hole came to the Vienna Rollergirls from the Brewcity Bruisers and has been making our lives (and roller derby) better ever since. And Glo knows roller derby! We were discussing our travel plans with her and she said: "Stop in Cleveland, see if you can't skate with Burning River Rollergirls; they're a great team!" Since what Glo says gos, yesterday we got up bright and early (more early less bright) at 4 a.m. and hit the the road from New Jersey (near Princeton) to Cleveland. We had enough time to get off the freeway in Ohio and enjoy some beautiful driving through the country. A short dip in Milton Lake helped in almost 100 degree weather...
In Cleveland, it turned out that what Glo had said was true, as usual. Burning River is a great team! They allowed us to join their scrimmage practice and between the 3 of us, we skated with ALL THE TEAMS! That was some fast-paced fun!

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