Not Going to Wichita

The only downside of how nice people were in Lincoln was that we had to cancel our plans of driving on to KC to visit our friend Michelle. By the time we had finally found a motel, we also realized that we would only get 3 hours of sleep if we wanted to make it to Wichita's practice the next morning. Instead, we slept in (until 8 a.m.) and enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Lake Milford. Unfortunately, this time of the year, it seems that almost all Kansas lakes are algae infested and not suitable for swimming. So we opted for a workout and some individual skills training.
At sunset we arrived in Holton, Kansas. We learned from the  receptionist at our motel that the last foreign visitor came through Holton 5 years ago and came from "a place 1 hour from Denmark". So we're hoping that the people of Holton will remember us for a while, too. Following the good advice of a former Pastor and his wife to avoid American city centers after 10 p.m., we went to the gas station for beer. By observing the locals, we even manged to buy beer in Kansas on a Sunday!

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