Finally United

This post is a long-time coming... While Zandy Zunder is all good vibes on the track, technological gadgets generally seem unwilling to follow her guidance... So rewind three days to Tuesday:
It was an unusual day. We didn't skate. Our lovely host and good friend Infinite Justice of the Garden State Rollergirls took us to a beautiful little farm close to Princeton, NJ. We picked blueberries to eat on the road for superpower and Anktion fell in love (see pic of the hottie).
For contrast, we then headed into Manhattan where we finally met our sunshine Hansa so that our traveling group was united at last. We even managed to do what is hard in NYC: We turned heads! On the Staten Island Ferry, a guy approached Hansa to ask whether we play roller derby. We sure do! And our smiles were big when we realized we're now in a country where roller derby is such a big and well-known sport.
Unfortunately, Gotham's co-ed scrimmage that we had planned to attend that night had been cancelled for lack of zebras. But our gear had spent the night in Gotham's warehouse so we got to stop by there one more time and catch a glimpse of the New York Shock Exchange's practice. What can we tell you? Men's roller derby really is stronger than women's; in terms of the smell, that is.

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